Tweed kick skirt

And now, the finale in my tweed and satin three piece suit, the flirty kick skirt, BWOF 08/2006 #103! Yes, it’s all business in the front, and sex appeal in the back with those curvy seams and slim pencil stylings…

The back view is where the fun starts!

Here are some detail shots – one of the curved, topstitched seam which starts on the front hip and curves around to the back, eventually flaring out to the side, and another of my invisible zipper.

I absolutely love this skirt – it’s fun, flirty, easy to wear, and very easy to walk in, thanks to the swinging kicks at the back. It fits like a snug dream throughout the waist, hips and bum, and only flares out at mid-thigh at the back, creating a great silhouette. Previous reviewers of this pattern said the invisible side zipper was annoying to get right, so with this knowledge and trying to fit a skirt and a capelet into yardage meant for just a skirt, I cut the back piece on the selvedge rather than the fold and put the zipper there instead. It meant the zipper was easier to get in, and I think it makes the skirt even more interesting in the back somehow…

The skirt is lined down to the point of the flaring, as indicated by the pattern, and there is no waist facing on this (the lining goes straight up to the edge and thus, requires understitching to stay in). I hemmed this deceptively long hem by hand, and since it continued to flare, I needed to take some pleats here and there on the inside to make the wider hem match the inside width. Luckily the black and cream tweed is very forgiving of hand stitches so those disappeared into the fabric without too much effort.

Suit stats

1 meter of 100% polyester “liquid satin” bought in Dublin for 6.48eur (about £5)
1.5 meters of 100% wool tweed bought on Goldhawk Road for £15

So not counting notions like zippers, thread, scrap lining, and buttons, I’ve made a three piece suit for twenty quid. Not too shabby!

And this is what was leftover after I was done!

I love it when I “use all parts of the Buffalo”!

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