The Patrones haute hoodie

Finally – the sun was shining, the coats came off and the Pimm’s very nearly came out! This weekend was strangely summer in October here in London, and we finally got plenty of sunshine to showcase my green Patrones sweatshirt. As you recall, my impatience kept me from finishing this sooner, but the Halhuber jacket from Patrones 272 finally came to be:

AllisonC made a beautiful traditional interpretation of this jacket if you’re interested to see it more in keeping with the original design. I opted to go a different route entirely (as you can see!) though I made surprisingly few alterations to the pattern. I lengthened the sleeve cuffs by a few inches as the sleeves came up pretty short, and I cut these and the waist band in ribbing on the fold to nicely finish the edges. And apart from adding the hood and pockets, that’s pretty much it!

It’s funny how fabric choices can make two creations with similar “bones” look so different!

After my problems with the first zipper and general impatience, Pennine Outdoor really came through and delivered my new zipper, round elastic, and squeezy cord locks in under a day, so I can now show you the functioning hood. If you’ve ever been stuck in a rainy gale, then you’ll know how important those drawstrings are in keeping your head covered and dry!

You didn’t get to see the back view before in the poor lighting, but to me, this is almost the best part! I absolutely love the back V seam – it just creates so much interest in an area that is usually so plain on sweatshirts. And then those sweeping seamlines on the front… oh yes, these might be my favourite part of this whole hoodie!

I’ve had a week or so to wear this and I’m really loving the whole concept of an upmarket sweatshirt – it’s really comfortable but looks a world better than my standard go-to sweatshirt (a 5 year old, grimey grey hoodie bought at H&M originally for gym commutes but now stained with boat DIY)! I’ve got a bit of the sweatshirting and ribbing leftover so I’m keen to see what other concepts I can hoodie-ise with the rest…

Not much other sewing got done this weekend, and I’ll be working on Christmas presents for a while now (thank god we don’t really do Halloween here in the UK or I’d be in trouble!). I did finally slay a demon this weekend – I made jam for the first time ever and conquered my fear of sterilising the jars! They all looked so pretty afterwards in the light, I might be hooked…

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