Grey pyjamas

In continuation of my quest for comfortable pyjamas and tops that can work as pyjamas or casualwear, I’ve made BWOF 12/08 #113 pleated neck tee and KnipMode 03/2007 #11 leggings, which I made once before as pyjama bottoms in the pink retro guitars waffle knit.

The heathered and super soft grey jersey is from my first trip to Goldhawk Road, which I bought for £4 a metre, and it was enough to make both the top and leggings, with enough spare for another top someday, I reckon.

…and the booty shot…

(omg I missing running!)

The top was a pretty easy and straightforward pattern – the only parts that gave me a bit of trouble were keeping the pleats lying the right direction while I attached and topstitched the neckline, but this could easily be solved with an extra line of basting stitches an inch or so from the fabric edge to be removed at the very end. The sleeves in this version were only about 3/4 length, but happily Burda mentioned in the directions that they’re drafted to be 5 inches shorter than normal. So I just folded back their hem allowance and added 5 inches onto each sleeve piece from the marked fold line!

This top isn’t as huge-fitting as others have suggested (or I’ve put on way more weight than I thought!) and the neckline isn’t low by Burda’s standards, so I definitely wouldn’t let either of these two things stop you from sewing this up, especially in a soft, fuzzy fabric you love! This is really easy to wear, and great for these winter months where you can layer a cami or turtleneck underneath it.

The leggings were very easy to sew, as before, but this time I learned from my previous pair and lengthened the legs by 4 inches, meaning I didn’t need to add any bands to make up the length.

On Saturday night I went to a Tube Station fancy dress party, wearing this top with a double yellow line added in electrical tape, my grey skinny jeans, the (yet to be embroidered) half apron from my Sublime Stitching kit, and a chef’s hat I sewed up in an hour or so using old bedsheets:

The band is just a rectangle, folded over four times with some stiff interfacing sandwiched inside, and the top is just a massive circle, tucked and pleated into the band. I got lots of complements on its floppiness, and more than one person asked where I bought it!

Anyone care to guess which tube station I was masquerading as?

(okay that’s pretty easy – but James just had a top with “Hollywood” written across the front, and, while everyone groaned at the terrible pun afterwards, not a single person guessed which tube station he was! I’ll gather up a goodie bag for anyone who can guess his in the comments!)

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