Cute stuff and red cords

I had quite the busy weekend! On Saturday, my neighbour Veda came over with her new book, Cute Stuff, and we had a sewing lesson all afternoon. She recently turned 11 and asked for sewing stuff for her birthday (getting that same awesome Chinese-themed sewing tin, too!) so I said I’d let her rifle through my scraps and we’d make something.

So she chose the pocket tissue holder from the book, and we went through the instructions, step-by-step and I taught her how to press and pin, knot the thread and tie off, and how to turn corners. It was loads of fun, and in the end we embellished little faces onto our holders like they do in the book so it looks like the holder is eating the tissues (they come out its mouth!).

The book is really well written and illustrated, and (as you’d expect from the title) full of really cute projects. I don’t think Veda will have any problems doing most of these on her own soon. I should offload way more of my scraps onto her, come to think of it!

As for myself, after the intellectually- and technically-stimulating green silk dress, I needed something brainless and easy, so I made BWOF 08/06 #109 in red corduroy (again!). Seriously, I’ve made this pattern so many times I could sew it with my eyes shut now, but these just fit me so well that my wardrobe is constantly crying out for more… I made a pair of these red cords over a year ago, but the corduroy I’d bought blind off the internet was way too thin for trousers and wore out after only a couple months’ wearing. Boo!

This time, I’ve got really soft and thick corduroy from my first trip to Goldhawk Road (and these trousers mark the end of the first fabric bought on that trip! I’ve used it all! Hooray!).

So even though I finished these before my birthday party, we only got around to doing the photoshoot yesterday (Sunday). Which happened to be directly after I gave in and let my neighbour Emma cut my hair short, after 9+ months’ of conspiring between her and James, and 10+ years of having it long. I’m not quite sure I’m over the trauma of losing the length yet, but I figured it’s all coming out in a month or so anyway, so why not….

(You can tell me – is it too “Velma from Scooby Doo” with the glasses & all?)

It’s difficult to see here, but I added a simple asymmetrical swoop to the back pockets, and lined the front (and 5th coin) pockets with some scraps of Asian-style quilting cotton from years ago.

But we also did another photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, which you’ll get to see later this week, when I’ll also hopefully have delivery of my last big birthday present! Ooh, the suspense!

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