Blue Sky sewing

Last second delays, delays, delays are really getting me down. So last night I forced myself to sew a quick knit top to cheer me up and give me something new to wear…

For me, “quick” means:
1. the pattern’s already traced (and previously made is a bonus!)
2. the fabric is in my stash, washed and ready to go
3. Made from knits so no stopping to press seams

Luckily, I fondly remembered BWOF 11-2008 #125, so I went through my traced pattern pile (I knew I kept all of those for a reason!) and whipped this up in under two hours.

(For any doubting Thomases, you’re all getting a great peek of my latest accessory popping out from my neckline there…)

I made this back in November in black interlock, and the only change I made this time around was to raise the V neck about 1.5 inches, and it’s now much better for me, but I have a feeling others might still find it too low.

I used thin self facings on the front and back neck edges, serging the two right sides together, then flipping the facing to the inside and coverstitching close to the folded edge. In fact, one of the reasons I made this shirt again was that I remembered it used a ton of twin stitching the first time around, and it’d be a good, quick top to give me some more coverstitch practice (in addition to being a cute top I could whip out in under two hours, from “I think I’ll make a top” to wearing it).

The fabric is a thin blue cotton jersey with screenprinted birds that I bought from Crybaby’s Boutique a while back (my 1 yard of this cost $6.25 as my notes recall, and I see the coral colourway is still on sale). It’s pretty thin and went pretty wrinkly and the screenprinting became a bit scratchy after pre-washing so I had’t been quite sure what to do with it for a while, but I’m happy about the slouchy, laidback look of it here. I also wasn’t concerned about achieving a 100% (or hell, even 80%) perfect finish here, more in getting something wearable in the end, and I’m happy with this.

PS: I’ve done some searches online and put together a map of fabric stores in Brighton in prep for a possible trip back down to my old uni home on Saturday. Any native Brightonian sewers care to tell me if any of these are particularly great, pants, or somewhere in between?

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