Christmas Present – Breton top & sweatskirt

The October 2009 Burda WOF magazine had some really cute winter girls clothes in it, but for me, the sweatskirt (#145) jumped out right away as a great present for my niece, Megan.

This was a really quick pattern consisting only of the skirt (the same for the front and back) and the kangaroo pocket, with a length of ribbing attached for the waistband! I was able to make this using the last leftover navy blue sweatshirting and a ridiculously tiny amount of leftover ribbing from James’s 2008 birthday sweatshirt and it was all done in under an hour. The only changes I made to the pattern was to lengthen it by about an inch because Megan is rather tall and lanky and I’d rather err on the longer side than shorter!

But then I started thinking that it’d be super cute as part of an ensemble with a mini-me Breton top and some white tights for a little winter warmer (I can imagine her ice skating with white mittens maybe too!) so I quickly made a long sleeved top using the same Knippie pattern as last year (adding a slight amount of length and girth for a year’s growth) with some of my navy & white striped jersey.

And, happily, it fits! Happy niece, happy auntie! In fact, could I get away with one of these in adult sizes? I want one myself!

Get a load of her, eh? What a ham! I just have no idea where she gets it, this posing and strutting in front of the camera… I mean, it’s not as if she saw a New York Times photographer come to her house at a young age to photoshoot her exotic foreign aunt or anything. Oh wait.

Stayed tuned for her partner-in-crime tomorrow…

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