Christmas Present – Grey stars hoodie shirt

I had an idea of what I wanted to make for my nephew, Logan, but with the kids being so far away I had to get the sizing correct, and all I had to go on were their US RTW clothes sizes. I definitely didn’t want to draft anything from scratch, so I had to find a pattern I could start from to ensure the sizing would be right. I ended up choosing Knippie Fall 2008, #13 since it was in his size range and had the long sleeve and hood, but that was about all I kept!

This pattern is meant to be a sweatshirt with assymetrical stripes, so I altered it quite a bit here, primarily by only tracing one half of the front and back pieces, and laying these on the fold instead (once again I’m happy to be working with patterns without seam allowances so I didn’t have to faff about with removing zipper facings or anything). I also shortened the body of the shirt since the pattern has you fold it up over wide elastic for a sweatshirt/jacket feel and I just wanted a teeshirt here.

For the hood lining and pouch I used some of the ex-Paul Smith grey jersey with stars, bought from Ditto Fabrics and the darker grey jersey leftover from my pyjama set. It made me proud to use designer stuff because, even though he’s only 8, the kid apparently LOVES clothes! This is one interest I’m definitely happy to cultivate.

Here’s the kangaroo pocket:

And the hood, which I also lined in the star fabric:

And if you though his cousin Megan was hammy, check out these moves! Ha!

Everyone together now DANCE!

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