Patrones two-tone jeanskirt

When I first saw the tech drawing for this skirt (#13) in Patrones 292, I assumed the curved upper back section wrapped around seamlessly into the angled front pockets, and it’s what initially drew me to this design.

But on closer inspection of the pattern pieces, I realised this wasn’t the case and that there were side seams on the upper portion as you’d expect in most skirts. So after tracing the pattern, I went about transferring the curved side seam “dart” into an area that would be hidden by the pocket, went so far as cutting out the piece…. and then realised it seemed like a kinda stupid amount of faff just to remove a seam line on a colour-blocked skirt where the seam would be so overshadowed by the overall colour-blocking anyway. So I reverted everything back to the pattern as drafted, recut the nude fabric pieces, and made the skirt as intended.

Ladies, if I asked you what the most powerful force on earth was, what would you say?

If you answered with “Spanx“, then you get full marks for this exam…

This skirt calls for stretch denim, and even with a pretty stretchy denim and stretch suiting, this skirt is pretty ridiculously tight. Even with said Spanx underneath, this skirt is tight. So tight that James mistook the hem of my tucked-in shirt for a bit of very noticeable VPL and I had to go inside to put the hem of my shirt inside the Spanx to get rid of the slight lump. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sit down in this, so I may have inadvertently created “the cocktail skirt”.

Here’s the sides and the back, anyway, so you can see that I did a fairly good job at matching up the curved sections at the side seams. My invisible zipper is actually way better than it looks here, because it’s being stretched open so you can see the teeth. And probably what I ate for breakfast, too.

I made this out of two remnants from my stash – some nude stretch poly/viscose suiting leftover from that Vogue Divine Details sheath dress and some black stretch denim is leftover from my second version of those BWOF biker trousers.

So, sizing aside (omg go up a size!), I actually really like this skirt. The curves are nice, the length is great, and the overall silhouette is flattering. If I could breathe it’d be even better! I think I’ll have to put this away for a few months and try it on again when my body sorts itself out (which is getting really, really frustrating now. It’s not like I don’t know how to lose weight!).

Still to come – those self-drafted leggings, and my reason for creating them at all…

(Plus a peek inside two Manequims and Patrones 290!)

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