Summery vintage kimono top

Ever since I bough the April 2005 Burda WOF magazine for the famous twist top, I’ve also had my eye on this kimono top but I didn’t have any light airy fabrics to make it in.

Until now!

I made this with a vintage-style crepe-de-chine dragonfly print from (99p a meter! and it was coincidentally made in Japan), and a matching jade green crepe-de-chine from the same place that wasn’t on sale, so it was £2 a meter. I was really breaking the bank on this project…

So yes, I made this in one evening (last night) because the weather report today was for SUNNY and HOT weather (which doesn’t happen very often in London!), and walking down the street today on my way to work, I’m happy to say that I turned more than one head.

It’s hard to show how the fabric moves in a still image, but trust me that it’s got a gorgeous drape to it, and it really billows and flows in the breeze. I absolutely adore it, and it’ll be great on holiday when I need to cover up my shoulders to keep from burning even under my layers of SPF 30!

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