A fuzzy pink bolero

Following on from last week when I showed you the shirt I made for my nephew, I also wanted to share the super-belated Christmas garment I sewed for his cousin, my niece.

When I saw the cute boleros in the February Burda magazine, I just knew I had to make one for Megan. Bolero #142 seemed to be the most wearable version for Spring and Summer, and I had just enough of this incredibly soft, pink zebra print minkee I’d bought for her at Fabric.com!

Honestly, how great a model is this girl??

I like to think that her witnessing my New York Times photoshoot at an early age had a large part to play, but some people just come at it naturally I think!

Luckily, this pattern used almost exactly the 1/2 yard of minkee I’d bought! I wanted this to be a casual jacket for her, so I didn’t line this jacket, instead choosing to just overlock all the seams.

I absolutely love this type of integrated collar! My favourite Burda sweatshirt has this detail, too, where the collar is part of the front piece, and it wraps around to create a centre back seam at the neck. You get a nice inset corner and the collar stands up perfectly of its own accord. (Does anyone know if this sort of collar insertion has a proper name?)

Since this pattern is supposed to be for a formal, first communion occasion, you get a lot of nice details, like a pleat at the elbow to make it hang a bit nicer, and extra darts at the upper back neck edge. You don’t often see considerations like this in modern patterns, let alone for children!

All in all, I’m super happy with this bolero and I’m told Meg is wearing it all the time. Though I’m making a mental note to myself for next time that I can never make the sleeves too long for either of the kids – they’re just so long and lanky!

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