Sequin running vest and purple leggings

I’m going to break from tradition here and actually post my next two outfits out of sequence from when I made them, mostly because I just shared my elastic waistband tutorial with you, but also because I’m really freaking excited about sewing exercise gear right now. Honestly, it’s starting to become nearly lingerie-levels of hysteria with me – super quick to make, easy to fit, and lots of wild colours and patterns in small doses! But you’ll get to see my “civilian” top and trousers later this week, so no worries if you’re starting to glaze over at all the lycra…

For this set of running gear, I’ve paired up the Papercut “Ooh La Leggings” pattern (UK stockist here) with my self drafted knit block (from Metric Pattern Cutting). And in the case of the top, I altered the seam lines and armhole shape to suit!

You may remember the ex-Prada sequin trompe l’oeil fabric from a few years ago when I used it to make a cowl top. I wear that all the time, but I only had a small piece leftover in my stash, and it was far too lovely to throw away. But with a bit of creative thinking, it was enough for this! Though I think I’ll lower the curve a bit for my next running vest so the peak is just at my underbust…

As you can see with the leggings (or maybe not, the purple fabric is quite dark!), there are no side seams here! The shaped front and back yokes give some really cool, curved seams, and they merge nicely into front- and back-leg seams instead.

The other thing to note is that even though my measurements match size Medium almost exactly, I chose to sew a Small here instead, but that’s not to do with the pattern, and everything to do with the fabric, which Cidell also owns and strongly advised I size down for exercise gear as it has a generous amount of stretch!

I must say, this Papercut pattern combined with the super stretchy, super comfortable Suziplex is a match made in heaven! Suziplex is the Suzi Spandex own version of supplex, which they claim is far superior and I’m inclined to agree! I bought the dark purple and pale grey colourways when I was in Montreal earlier this month and I! Must! Buy! More!

Seriously, I know in real life that people frown on wearing leggings as trousers, but for running, that’s exactly what you need to do. And I am amazed at how fantastic these leggings make my arse look! Hello sexy Running, I love everything you do for me!!

The only thing I don’t like about these leggings is that the lower legs are reeeeeeally long. I’m fairly tall and I have to lengthen standard Burda trouser patterns, but these are really bunching up around my lower legs. I love that they’re really close at the ankle, though (unlike my bastardised Jalie pair which are too loose at the ankles!), so I’ll take the length out of the lower leg of the pattern rather than from the ankle.

Here’s a closeup of my crotch, errr seaming details! This looks like it’d be complicated to construct, but the instructions are seriously good and the order of construction is really easy for these. Combine this with my better waistband tutorial, and you’ve got a new pair of leggings in an evening!

I cut out and serged the main body of this top weeks ago (when I was putting together my lycra & lace running gear), but I fell into a major problem when I couldn’t finish the neckline and armhole edges. I treated myself to a binder attachment for my coverstitch machine, but wow those have a steep learning curve! It took me a good 50 feet of test binding to get it good enough for primetime here, of which I’m really proud!

I’ve been working flat-out all weekend on my refashioning challenge for my running group, so I’ve got lots to share once I’ve finished the lot. So far I’ve finished a ladies top and leggings, plus I’m midway through a ladies running skirt, and two men’s tops! I’ve also taken the opportunity to practice even more with the binder attachment, so I’ll share my tips on that later.

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