My Olympic leggings

On Saturday I showed you a sneak peek of my new running leggings and my thoughts on the Opening Ceremony, but here’s your chance to get a better look at them, and those Olympic rings on Tower Bridge!

I’m finally feeling a little better so we took these photos after I ran my usual 10km loop in my official Stella McCartney for Adidas replica Team GB vest (now sold out everywhere now, sorry!) and my leggings.

This is the 4th(!!) time now I’ve sewn the Papercut “Ooh La Leggings” pattern (UK stockist here), though I’ve actually got a 5th pair on the way, if you can believe it! They’re so well drafted, so stylish, and so comfortable to run in that I just can’t resist making more. That they’re also really quick to sew on my overlocker is just a bonus. Here I made them in the pale grey Suziplex fabric I bought from Suzi Spandex when I was in Montreal in March, and it’s just truly, truly wonderful stuff.

I also used my my elastic waistband tutorial technique for a nice, comfortable finish inside, which, judging by your comments, a lot of you are also using now, hooray! This waistband plus the soft and loopy reverse side of the Suziplex really does make for the most comfortable running gear ever, aeons better than anything I’ve ever bought.

I’m of two minds with the light colour over its dark purple twin pair – on one hnd, you can see the style lines so much easier in the lighter colour, but then again, you can also see every little bump (from me and my elastic knee brace!), and there’s nowhere to hide when you’re wearing (very nearly) white leggings!

And finally, since I was hot and sweaty in front of the camera, why not try my best Usain Bolt pose on for size??

Coming up: The newest Burda and Manequim issues, plus photos of my new vest and Burda knit trousers. And if the sun comes back, maybe you’ll get to see that Jalie running skirt, too…

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