Flu shopping

While you all are out Christmas partying it up, I’ve been stuck in bed with the flu for the past two weeks. Horizontal and sleeping for up to 18 hours a day (yes, really) isn’t much fun. So when I bored of daytime tv after about two hours, I started doing some serious online shopping, oops.

Things I’ve bought:

Fabric from Tissu

(Seen on the right, above)

2 meters each of viscose-lycra jerseys in Rust, Mustard, and Bongo Jazz (awesome name for a bright orange!). One of these will become the Style Arc Marita dress in my Fall Sewing Shortlist. And I bought another meter of their “denim-look” jersey, because I freaking love my Not Jeggings and decided I want to make my Image Wear trousers in the same fabric, too.

Fabric from Stone

(Seen on the left, above)

3 meters of Flesh Pink Viscose Crepe to make the Burda December cover dress (shorter hem, long sleeves), and a half meter of Glow in the Dark cotton canvas to use as accents for various nighttime running (me) and cycling (James) clothing. I got samples sent of both (plus a floral wool that wasn’t me) and they’re just too, too awesome.

Papercut Patterns

Remember those Ooh La Leggings I’ve made like six times now and then ran a freaking marathon in? Well, I love that pattern so much that I’ve been rather impatient to see what its makers come up with next…

So when I saw that Papercut Patterns released a new collection of patterns AND were offering free worldwide shipping (good for a few more days, too!), I just had to buy their new “Peter & the Wolf Pants” pattern. I mean, LOOK AT THAT TECH DRAWING!! How could you not buy it? Happily, it arrived in no time from New Zealand and I had fun assembling the instruction book from my duvet cave so I’m ready to sew when I’m able to sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time without feeling woozy.

PS: For you worriers, yes, I’ve been checked out at hospital – it’s viral and the only thing to be done is rest & fluids. But thanks for your concern!

PPS: Oh! I managed to emerge long enough to have a Saturday pub lunch with Kim and Petra while they were in town taking the first Morley College Pattern Magic course, too!

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