Manequim December 2012

While we freeze in the northern hemisphere, let’s take a mental trip down south, where in Brazil they’re in the middle of summer. If you need a bit of a boost to make the imaginary leap, just crank up the heating! Or if you’re suffering in the Aussie heatwave, grab a Caipirinha and sip along as we go through my picks from the December Manequim magazine…

First up we’ve got a cowl top with a difference – this one has a portion that comes together to form a centre front seam, keeping the drapes in front and you protected (also a nice yoke in the back there, too!)

From the “inspired by Fendi” feature, I like the idea of this top with radiating seams with little cutouts in the upper chest. I’m not sure I like exactly how they’ve done it here, but it’s a great starting point of an idea to make your own version.

This chiffon dress is just gorgeous, even though I’d never make it myself due to the professionally pleated bits at the sides! Nice of Manequim to include a pattern for a slip dress for underneath, too.

Manequim really love jumpsuits for some reason, even when there’s really no advantage to them over just having a top (or even bodysuit) and a separate bottom. Take this example – I quite like the look of a top and trousers, but would never make a jumpsuit like this, because of the toilet-associated faffery. Not to say I wouldn’t chop the pattern in half and make one end or the other!

I just LOVE the cutouts and bands in the top on the left – it feels very Art Deco to me, and would be really nice for showcasing a particularly lush silk – imagine it with contrast bands!

Next up: the January Burda magazine…

Psst: You can turn down the heating again now! What, do you think I’m made of money?? 😉

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