Black lingerie set – camisole & lacey thong

Wow, thank you so much for all your enthusiasm on the Lacey Thong pattern! It was downloaded nearly 200 times in the first 24 hours, and that’s without any promotion beyond your word of mouth!

I’m wondering who’s going to be the first to send me their finished panty photos, but in the meantime, I thought it might be inspiring to show you all two more lingerie sets I’ve made while I’ve been ill with shingles (and likely to continue to be ill for several more weeks, ugh).

First up is a black and champagne set comprised of my Lacey Thong pattern and the (also free!) Ruby Slip pattern, shortened to camisole length.

You may think this lace looks familiar, and that’s because it’s the same lace I used a few weeks ago to make a bra and another thong panty, so now I’ve got a set of four to wear together (and have finally used up all 2 metres of the Gabi lace I’d bought!). This time I used a thin poly(?) black satin for the body of the cami and panties, and used a beige picot elastic on the panties instead of black, like I had in my earlier set.

I absolutely love the two Ruby Slips I’d made last year, but I found I could only wear them under dresses and skirts, as the mid-thigh length meant they’d ride up with jeans or trousers. So I shortened the pattern at the first alignment mark, which makes this end right at my hips, with enough room to tuck them into a trouser waistband, but not so long they bunch up.

There are often times when you really don’t save money by sewing something yourself (good thing we enjoy doing it, eh?), but I’ve found that lingerie really is one area where you can save a ton of money. This set feels SO expensive, but I spent something like £10-15 on the entire set of four pieces!

If you missed it, go and download your free Lacey Thong pattern here and you can sew your own!

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