Purple lingerie set – camisole & lacey thong

Here’s the second of my recent lingerie sets I sewed while I’ve been ill, which I hope will inspire you! This purple set is again comprised of my (free!) Lacey Thong pattern and the (also free!) Ruby Slip pattern, shortened to camisole length.

I’m so pleased to finally break into the lace and materials I bought at Kantje Boord in Amsterdam when I was there running the marathon in October! I was very restrained in the shop, buying only this lace, the purple lycra remnant, and coordinating lime elastic and motif with this exact camisole in mind!

I’ve definitely got enough materials left (okay, I had to hit up Danglez.nl* for some more coordinating bra supplies!) to make a matching bra in the next week or two, so I might whip up another pair of panties to make this set a foursome like the black lingerie set too.

The only real difference between this set and the black one you saw earlier this week is that the body fabric used here is a lycra rather than a woven. The lace bodices are strikingly similar, even though the laces themselves are so different!

This doesn’t matter much for the Lacey Thong as the body fabric makes up such a small percentage of the total circumference, but it meant that I could cut the body of the (normally bias-cut) camisole on the straight grain and let the stretch of the fabric do the work instead.

It may be difficult to see in the photos, but the lace is utterly gorgeous – predominantly purple but with accents of lime green and fuchsia, which means you can pick out either colour to highlight. On the camisole, I used thin fuchsia ribbons for straps, but on the thong I chose to use lime green satin-edged elastic and bow motif to draw attention to that colour instead.

Here you can see the front and back of the Lacey Thong before I joined the sides and added the waistband elastic:

If you missed it, go and download your free Lacey Thong pattern here and you can sew your own!

*Coincidentally, Danglez is closing up shop so everything’s 20% off right now, though their shipping calculator is broken. So if the shipping looks really expensive, select Bank Draft and request a Paypal invoice be sent to you with corrected shipping. I’m extremely happy with the quality of the products I’ve received from them, and I only wish I’d ordered sooner!

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