A Royal Blue Chic Top for my Mom

Remember the lavender “chic sweatshirt” I made my mom a few months ago? Well, she wears it so much that she asked if I’d make her a lighter weight version for Spring and Fall. Since I’d already done the pattern tracing and grading, I figured sewing up another would be a fairly quick job.

As you recall, the pattern is from the fabulous the September 2012 Burda magazine (or you can purchase the download pattern here) but the pattern only goes up to 44, and she decided she needed a size 46, so I had to grade it up for the lavender version. This time around I just needed to cut out the fabric and sew a few seams!

Since my mom saw a flyer that one of the fabric stores near her had pointe jerseys on sale, she opted to select this blue colourway in person, pre-wash it, and post it over to me. Then I made it a few weeks ago while I was ill (hey, it was a quick make!) and brought it along to Baltimore with me in my suitcase!

I really like this vibrant blue on her – I think the colour is a really smart choice as it’ll work equally well in Spring and Fall, too.

Here are some side and back views, with that lovely V neck in the back:

The other great feature of this pattern is the darted sleeve, which you can see here:

This makes the fourth time I’ve made this pattern now (a turquoise one for me, then a grey wool one for me, the lavender one for my mom, and now this!), so I’m kinda done now!

I took these photos of my mom in my cousin’s back garden in Baltimore, but my Dad snuck in on our photoshoot and “snapped the snapper”!!

If you like this, please let us know, as my mom reads every comment that comes in on “her” posts!

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