Blue neopreney leggings

You’ve already seen the sister skirt to these leggings planned for my upcoming Mexico trip in a few weeks. I wouldn’t normally make two things out of the same fabric in rapid succession, but I ended up buying the end bolt (3m instead of the 2m I’d wanted) and having two bottoms in the same colour is quite handy when packing, as obviously the same tops will coordinate with both!

These were a super quick but comfortable make using my standard leggings draft from the Kristina Shin book plus my own preferred elastic waistband technique. I reckon I probably had these sewn up in under an hour, and I’d cut out the fabric at the same time as the skirt.

As you recall, the fabric is a royal blue hefty jersey that really feels very much like a thin neoprene – this stuff couldn’t wrinkle if it wanted to! I bought the last of the roll at “A-One Fabrics” on Goldhawk Road, and I’ve still got a little bit left that I think might be fun to mix & match with something like denim or even leather!

I’ve worn these here with my mustard asymmetric tee from Drape Drape 2 which I made back in April and wear all the time.

I put a travel pocket into the inner waistband of these, too, but since they’re so close fitting I decided there were times when I’d want to wear them and not have the extra bulk of the pocket there, so this travel pocket attaches with snaps rather than being sewn into place.

The pattern for the travel pocket is done, I just need to put together the tutorial photos, so stay tuned next week! I’ll be giving you the option for a permanent pocket (like in my skirt) or a removable one (like the one here).

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