Neon trim gathered teeshirt

I bought a bit of fabric recently, and I had a spare few minutes in between packing and setting up our new bedroom, so of course I squeezed in a new top before we left for Mexico!

It’s #126 from the February 2013 Burda magazine, but the pattern is for sale on if you like it, too.

The fabric is a distressed jersey print from Minerva that I bought a fortnight ago. It’s not got the nicest hand and feels quite stiff from the paint used on it (and didn’t soften up much in the wash, either), so I had to choose a pattern carefully. I first thought of my tie-front Pattern Magic top but 1m wasn’t enough for that so I turned to this pattern instead since it was traced and nearby after I made it earlier this year for my gathered merino top.

The neon trim was just a happy accident – I’d originally planned a basic neckband of self fabric but I mismeasured the neckline (I forgot to add in the top of the raglan sleeves!) so I started to think outside the box and I remembered I had some of this stretch fluroescent orange binding (also from Minerva!) in my stash from earlier in the year. Now I can’t imagine this top without it!

I’ve found fluorescents don’t photograph particularly accurately – the orange is really bright and vivid in real life!

This was super quick to make – there were only three pattern pieces plus four seams, and then I just carefully zigzagged the binding in place, stretching it a little as I sewed. Definitely an instant gratification tee!

Notice the glasses in my back pocket? I wear contact lenses, but often give my eyes a break at the weekends but I’m too vain to wear them in photos! But James suggested I should bite the end playfully for a photo, and I ended up looking like a stern pipe-smoker instead, ha!

I’m currently away in Mexico – this post was written and scheduled before I left. Please leave comments – I’ll read them as I have internet but will probably not be able to reply!

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