Gimme Galliano

The April 2007 issue of KnipMode magazine had a section where they took a bunch of catwalk looks and replicated them with one of their patterns. I loved the easy lines of the John Galliano dress, but so much of my wardrobe is already black and white and I thought I’d prefer a colourful dress for the summer.

The pattern itself was E-A-S-Y – it’s only four pieces, and the edges were meant to be folded under and twin-needle stitched (not having a twin-needle capable machine or a serger meant my trusty zigzag stitch got a workout!) instead of faced or lined. I used some cherry red teeshirt knit from my stash, and some chocolate brown knit that had previously been used in my brown kimono top. The brown was rather more lightweight than the red, so I opted to underline the brown section with the red knit so the dress draped consistently.

This was a quick and easy project and the end result is a very comfortable dress that’s also very easy to wear, with or without the fabrric belt. I have a feeling I’ll be slipping this on a lot on sunny summer weekends and taking it on holiday since it won’t wrinkle in a suitcase. Now if only the weather would warm up so I could wear it sometime soon!

PS: Also, I’d like to thank for making me their featured member today. Go have a look around and snag some free patterns and fantastic sewing tips!

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