A silver cowl top

You saw some photos of this top on Susan a week or so ago, but I’ve finally had the opportunity to do a proper photoshoot and not freeze!

If you recall, I out this MyImage cowl top pattern before we went to Mexico, thinking I might have enough time to quickly sew it up before we left. I would have, too, if I hadn’t decided I needed to make that quick travel bag. It was still waiting for me when I got back to cold, grey London, mocking me with its sleeveless-ness. I finally just sewed it up so I could have the space back in my sewing room, though I’m afraid I won’t really get to wear this until next year.

I made it out of some absolutely glitter-tastic jersey I bought at Tissue Reine in Paris a few years back, and it wasn’t cheap €12.99/m. So it was even more disappointing that it left a trail of silver all over my sewing room… Boo.

It might be hard to see, but there’s princess seams in the front and back even though this is a knit top – there are also facings for all the pieces apart from the centre front, where there’s a fold-on facing.

Even though this is a sleeveless top, the strap construction is pretty unique. The straps are nicely caught into the seams of the front shoulders, and the top of the centre back is folded down and topstitched to create a little casing for the strap to run through.

The only thing I really don’t like about this top is that the cowl is so low I had to wear one of my sports bras underneath! I don’t mind low-cut tops, but this goes a good 2 inches below the centre front of a normal bra!

I’m not sure why they didn’t just use the same cowl neck here that they had on the long-sleeved cowl top – that one was a perfect depth and in the issue before this one!

Big thanks here to my Dad, who stepped in and took these photos while I was visiting them in Virginia last week. I’m also wearing my pleated leggings here, which are also My Image!

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