My Cold Gear PB Jam Leggings

Thanks so much to everyone for your support with my new patterns! I have actually been doing a bit of non-exercise sewing over New Year’s (which I’ll show you later this week), but first I wanted to show off one of the pairs of PB Jam Leggings I made during the development of the pattern.

This pair was made from two different green colours of Under Armor Cold Gear fabric that were gifted to me by Cidell a while back. Last winter I made a pair of Ooh La Leggings in the forest green Cold Gear and they were seriously the warmest leggings I’ve ever worn, even keeping me warmer than heavy coats on my upper body! I knew I’d need at least one more pair to get me through this winter, so I alternated leftovers of the forest green for the swirl and back knee pieces with the sage green Cold Gear for the main body pieces.

Here you can see that hidden back pocket in action – it can easily store an iPhone 5 or bigger, plus a gel (shown here with Gu Peanut Butter, but their Salted Caramel is also splendid!) or keys, The waistband keeps it all contained and from bouncing around while you move, too. For this pair, since the Cold Gear is quite thick, I actually used a thinner lycra for the pocket piece, and this worked really well!

In case you’re curious to see how they move, you can see me running a short stretch of Mill Street, paired with my first purple long sleeved running top. But since it felt a bit awkward tucking a top into my leggings so you could see the details…

…I actually just took it off and ran with just a sports bra for a few shots! Yes, it was actually mild enough in early December to run in just a sports bra!!

I do think I may be part-cat though, because when I found a sunbeam, I couldn’t help basking in it.

Big thanks to Lenora, who left a comment recently to say that Rockywoods stock Cold Gear fabrics, although in an, ahem, eclectic range of colours and prints. Duck Dynasty PB Jam Leggings, anyone?? Or of course, I’ve got an entire global list of exercise fabric suppliers over here

Like these? You can make your own with my pattern!


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