Mint X Back Workout Top

I hope you’re not too sick of seeing all these versions of my workout patterns yet, as I’ve got a few more yet to show you and I’m saving some of my favourites for last!

I’m also very pleased to report that I’ve been able to go back and fit in an XXS size (84B 63W 90H) into both patterns – the leggings files are totally done and the top only needs some elastic calculations and that’s done, too! I’ll be updating the files within my Etsy shop later this week, and I’ll make an announcement when they’re up, too. All previous customers will be able to download the updated files should they wish (but there’s no real change to the other sizes so there’s no point in re-printing and re-taping if you’re not an XXS, really).

But enough of the housekeeping, let’s see the sewing!

For this version I chose to make the X-back version in some highly treasured and amaaaaaazing “space dyed” Hint of Mint supplex from RunnersFabrics (on hiatus til the end of the month due to a Canberra -> Perth move!). I browsed through my Bag O’ Lycra and found I had an old race tee that was the exact same colour as the supplex, so I used that for the upper back portion. I’m still chuffed about how well these fabrics match every time I put it on!

For the shelf bra here, I used nude power mesh I’d picked up at Kantje Boord when I ran the Amsterdam marathon back in 2012. It’s a bit too cold here to wear the top on its own on my runs, so I’ve been wearing it underneath jackets and loving the support – it’s plenty enough even for my long, 2+ hour runs at the weekends.

(Seen here paired with my mesh-insertion leggings I made last spring!)

You may have noticed that there is some pulling around the straps in the front – this is because this is an early version which had the bra lining extend all the way up to the shoulder. Some of my pattern testers were commenting about it so I resolved to find a way to stop it! I ummed and ahhed and discussed it with some friends and finally I had a brainwave that this could be corrected by stopping the bra lining midway up the strap, and it worked!

So that’s why the bra lining looks a bit funny in the XYT Workout Top pattern – but as you saw in my printed Y back version (which uses the final version that’s for sale), it works, and there’s minimal pulling.

I love the fabric and colours and fit so much in this top though that frankly I don’t mind a bit of pulling, so I wear it anyway! Even with it, it’s still one of my favourite workout tops ever, and the supplex is so freaking soft and wonderful quality that I mourn the fact there’s no European reseller of it so I can get more.

I used the elastic edge finishing technique here, which, even though I own a coverstitch and a binding attachment, I tend to prefer. I find it’s much less stressful for me to sew, and I think the end result is just as neat. So if you don’t own a coverstitch – don’t feel like you need to have one just to make great exercise gear!

Like it? You can make your own with my pattern!


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