A Rainbow in Bath

You may have already read Winnie’s post about our weekend (‘cos she’s well faster than me at writing!), but it’s just too big not to post, however late, because…

….I finally got to meet Winnie (aka Scruffy Badger)! Look, we’re on the same couch and everything!

When I was looking at half marathons to run before London Marathon, Winnie stepped up to campaign for Bath, and won me over with her offer of a comfortable bed, carb-loaded dinner, and pre-race breakfast. And all I had to do was show her a few coverstitch tricks. Bargain!

To top it off, she gifted me some of her adorable shoe bows, too, with signature Winnie elephants!

Winnie runs the Bath Half every year, so this was her 5th(!) time running it, but a first for me so I was grateful for a local to get me to the start line on time. And I finally got to race in the PB Jam Leggings I made from the rainbow space-dyed supplex, too.

You may remember these from my invisible pocket tutorial, but now you can see them on me before the race! Winnie is also wearing me-made race gear – a top from Maria Denmark and cool striped supplex from Sewing Chest, and underneath is a leopard-print XYT Workout Top, too!

I won’t bore you all with my race report (as you can read it over on my River Runner site instead!), but I pushed super super hard and got a new PB of 1:36!!

One thing I learned looking at my race photos is that I really need to go down a size now – I’ve been carrying on making myself the size Smalls, but I’m rather more compact now than I was when I first started drafting the pattern in October, and you can see these are too big in the legs by the end of the race (yes, the gurning face is from the last hundred yards before the finish line!). A quick fix might be in order – take some excess out of the inner leg seams!

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to organise a Spring Race challenge, gathering together photos of readers wearing their self-sewn exercise gear wearing race numbers, whether that’s running, cycling, swimming, Cross Fit, anything really. I think it’d be a good source of motivation and encouragement to sign up to test yourself, even if it’s just your local Park Run. Who’d be up for this? Or have you got photos already?

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