Angel's Duathlon Capris

You’ve already seen my first athlete-model, Claudia, rocking the Booty Short length, plus a ton of different versions from around the sew-o-sphere, but I wanted to show you a pair of my Duathlon Shorts pattern I made in the Capri length for my friend, hero, and inspiration, Angel Dee!

Angel’s not only a super fit runner (she just ran London marathon, too!), but she’s also finishing her personal trainer certification after years of dreaming and working office jobs. Sometimes it’s all too easy to assume that super-fit people have always been that way (I know I’m guilty of that, too), or just “have great genes” or something, but Angel works hard – not only is she a mum to a teenage boy(!), but she’s overcome her fair share of serious health problems, too, which makes her enviable abs even more laudable! (Seriously, check out the #AbsLikeAngel hashtag on Twitter!)

You probably recognise the main printed fabric already as the Minerva lycra I’ve made into multiple garments already (what can I say? I love the stuff and it gets tons of compliments!), and I paired it with some purple Suziplex and mocha UA Cold Gear leftover in my stash for the side panels. Angel was so excited to see what fabrics I’d selected as she said purple’s her favourite colour! Again, you can see the integrated pockets at the sides for storing your phone, keys, etc. I made a straight XXS here for Angel and they fit her perfectly – Angel spends most of her workout time in the gym helping clients to get fit, so the challenge here was to have leggings that move with her as she’s climbing, twisting, jumping, stretching, and everything else.

These definitely passed the test – she says she’s had so many compliments whenever she wears them that she’s started keeping my business cards in the capri’s pockets! Now there’s a use I hadn’t considered!!

(How much fun was it for me to play photographer on the moorings for once?!?)

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