Orla la!

At the most recent Orla Kiely sample sale I bought probably the most expensive towel of my life (£20, but still, for a towel?). I knew I’d be able to make something great out of her quintessential flower print, and already having purchased a terry skirt from a previous sample sale, I thought I’d head dress-wards.

I’m going on holiday very soon, and even though I’m not a “beach person” (try getting me to sit still long enough, my freckly pale colouring nonwithstanding), I know we’ll be going to a few pools and a municipal beach while I’m away. So I aimed towards making a beach coverup that I wouldn’t mind wearing out and about, and I’m pretty happy with the results!

I just eyeballed the dress pattern, making sure to get the dotted lines even on both sides, then elongated the neck area since I goofed and made the bust a bit tight. Then I realised I had enough towel leftover for either a hood of a pouch pocket (but not both) and went for the hoody option. The nice thing is that when I’ve got my bikini on underneath, it just peeks through the neckline perfectly!

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