The VNA Top pattern – on sale now!

It’s here, it’s finally here! The VNA Top pattern is my 4th sewing pattern and my first that works for exercisewear and casualwear!

This is a pattern for a close-fitting, sleeveless workout top inspired by a 1930s Vionnet evening gown. It features a front V-neck, curved under bust seam, and distinctive angular seaming in back. Neckline and armhole edges are finished with binding, and there are no side seams.

Get it? “VNA” because if you say it fast it sounds like “Vionnet”…

It’s got everything you’ve come to expect and love about my patterns – fully illustrated instructions, seam allowances included, great finishing techniques, and the knowledge that I’ve road tested it thoroughly on my runs! But – because the seaming is so unorthodox on this, I’ve also included some diagrams showing how to make the most common fit alterations. So if you need an FBA or want roomier hips or longer torso length, you won’t have to scratch your head over how to achieve this.

Huge thanks again to my team of super helpful, fit, and careful pattern testers, who’ve also been taking this out on the road and on the town, making me laugh, and finding all my typos and brain farts so that you don’t have to. I’ll be sharing some of their versions as they choose to post them, and you can see how this pattern works in pretty much every colourblocking combination possible!

Also, to celebrate the new pattern (and my new amazing vision thanks to laser eye surgery last weekend!), I’ve created the coupon code “LASEREYES” which will get you 10% off all my patterns from now through the end of June.

Watcha waiting for – go get it!!

$10.99USD (£6.65)

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