Crazy Cat Lady Leggings

I mentioned at the end of a post earlier this month that I cut into the kitten-face lycra Fleur brought me from the Garment District and made some leggings, but they weren’t finished at the time, and I owed you more photos.

I wanted to minimise the disruption to the print as much as possible (I could hear the kitties screaming every time I chopped through a face!), so I used KwikSew 3636, which is a one-piece legging pattern with no seams running down th outside legs. Coincidentally, this is also the pattern I also in my Lovely Leggings classes (and there’s still time to join this Sunday’s class if you sign up now!), so it’s super quick and great for beginners, too. Perfect for showcasing a wild print!

We were out in Wiltshire at the weekend visiting a friend, so I wore these for a little walk around her village. They actually work surprisingly well as casualwear, especially paired with my trench jacket I made in 2010 and still wear regularly!

These literally took me 15 minutes to make, and they’re so much fun to wear! The time:enjoyment ratio is really off the charts with these…

I originally thought they’d be for running, but I appear to have lost some girth since I made the Acid Trip Leggings version of this pattern as the Medium is now a bit too big in the waist and hips, and these shifted around too much as I ran. So I’m going to modify my traced copy of this pattern to go down to a Small in the waist, hips, and upper thigh, keeping the calves as Medium (hello there, forefoot running beefy calves!), and take the ankles in by another cm or so as I’ve got tiny, bird-like delicate ankles and I should’ve done this alteration before.

Oh and in other news, how much am I enjoying watching the Children in Need Great British Sewing Bee episodes?!? I’ve got a full post to put up after Friday’s episode airs, but did any of you catch me in the closing credits on Tuesday?

UK readers can catch up on iPlayer and purchase special Pudsey ironing board covers, as well as bid to own the garments made on the show, too. It’s all in aid of Children in Need, of course!

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