A Green Skirt Suit

Happy Christmas! While not a holiday-specific make, I thought the colour of this outfit alone was rather festive and worthy of posting on Christmas Day itself. Enjoy! -melissa

Remember back in the summer when I made that cropped Manequim blazer with the matching wristlet to attend a friend’s wedding?

Well, I had a small amount of the textured green fabric leftover and I thought it might be nice to make a simple skirt to add to the jacket and bag so I could wear it as a smart skirt suit. Simple skirt patterns are a dime a dozen, but I really wanted to try out one in particular as it has a completely flat front and only two darts and an invisible zipper in the back. The only issue is that it’s unreleased, so I can’t tell you where it’s from yet, but I promise I’ll remind you and link back here when you’re able to buy it.

I don’t have many skirt suits as I don’t have much cause for business-wear, but I when I was making the jacket, I fondly recalled the silver cropped jacket and matching skirt I made back in 2010, and thought it might be a look worth recreating in green!

The skirt pattern comes with facing pieces, so I subtracted these from the skirt pieces to draft a quick and easy lining pattern. Clearly I’d bought a little too much of the lovely peacock digital print polyester at the same time, too, as I had enough to line the skirt! I love how the jacket, skirt, and bag all have the same lining fabric as well as exterior. It’s a wonderful pop of colour in the jacket – not like there will be many people seeing the skirt lining!

I could really wear just about any sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse underneath the jacket (though since the jacket’s sleeves are cropped, it looks really weird with long sleeves underneath!), but I chose to wear it with a purple cowl top I picked up in a clothing swap about ten years ago. It’s such a well-loved part of my wardrobe, and I think the purple pairs so nicely with the green. I’ve been having a great time playing with unusual combinations of solid colour recently – the other day two separate people complimented my colour choices when I wore my pale teal coat with my yellow dress, orange satchel, fuschia scarf and mustard woolly hat.

As I mentioned earlier, the skirt’s only features are the two back darts, and the invisible zipper in the centre back seam. I did a particularly nice job inserting this one, and I joined the lining to it by machine, too, so it’s nice and neat on the inside, too.

I think when you get to be an advanced seamstress, sometime you tend to overlook the simple patterns in favour of ones with complicated construction or unique seamlines (or maybe that’s just me)? But there’s definite joy to be had in a simple pattern done well if it’s one you’re guaranteed to wear and love. This skirt really only two me two evenings to sew together in amoungst different Surf to Summit samples and was a nice diversion from Work Sewing.

Tomorrow is the last day to save 10% on two or more patterns by using the code “10OVER20”! The Surf to Summit Top pattern comes in men’s and ladies’ editions, too!

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