Steeplechase Leggings – purple capris and shorts

So far I’ve shown you my two solid-coloured full length pairs of my latest Steeplechase Leggings pattern, but this pattern also comes in capri length or biker-short length options, too! So you can really wear these all year long, and the construction is exactly the same no matter what length you choose, which makes the instructions even more straight forward.

In case you missed the initial announcement, here’s the pattern description:
These leggings have no inseams! Instead, a curved, outer seam runs from the back of the ankle up to the centre front, where it joins a separate yoke piece. There’s an optional, hidden back pocket, elasticated waistband, and your choice of three lengths: biker short, capri, or full length leggings.

Here are the capri and shorts length versions I sewed up as samples. I tried to make these in more sedate colourways than my normal crazy prints! (Yes, only I would call bright purple “sedate”!)

I’m not usually a fan of capris, but I know so many people who love them that I always try to offer the length if at all possible. They can be a great transitional length when it’s too warm to wear full length leggings, but not quite warm enough for shorts.

(Seen here with my mustard merino wool Surf to Summit Top)

The fuchsia fabric used here is a super soft, comfortable wicking jersey with a brushed, navy back, which was gifted to me by a friend with industry connections (sorry!). I also got a biege colourway at the same time, and I’m looking forward to mixing it and the scraps leftover from this. The yoke is just a plain black supplex leftover in my stash.

The solid colours here mean you can really see the seaming, but if you wanted to make them stand out even more, you could use stretch piping (with or without elastic cord), or just sew these with contrast-threaded overlocker seaming on the outside instead.

This next pair shows the biker short length, which is meant to hit just below the quads where the leg naturally goes in. You may choose to add some grippy elastic (or grippy paint) to the hems, or you may find that they stay in place fine on their own, based on your activity!

The purple fabric here is another wicking lycra gifted by the same friend – it’s of a similar weight and smooth feel to the FunkiFabrics solar system lycra I used for the yoke. You’ll see a lot more of this printed lycra in another sample, as it’s the one my niece chose for her leggings!

Again, you can see how the seam curves from the back up and around to join the yoke piece at the front. It means you look good from all sides, not just from the front or back…

(Seen here with my mint X-back XYT Workout Top)

If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out Kathy’s three pairs of these leggings plus a great visual on how to alter the crotch curve a little differently than I explain in the pattern itself.

Or Maria’s three pairs of capris! Or Karen’s seven pairs for herself and her daughters. Man, maybe I should’ve included a warning label that these leggings are addictive…

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