Steeplechase Leggings – crazy printed pairs!

Thank you all so much for all your compliments, orders, and finished photos of your Steeplechase Leggings! I knew I was onto a good idea when I dreamt these up a few months ago, but I had no idea they’d be quite this popular! So thank you!

I’ve shown you quite a few of my sample pairs already, but these are the last you’ll see me modelling for a bit, and they happen to be my wildest yet!

To refresh your memory, here’s the description:
These leggings have no inseams! Instead, a curved, outer seam runs from the back of the ankle up to the centre front, where it joins a separate yoke piece. There’s an optional, hidden back pocket, elasticated waistband, and your choice of three lengths: biker short, capri, or full length leggings.

This first pair are one of my absolute favourites! Not many women would choose to highlight their hips with neon green, but I think it’s fair to say by this point that I am most certainly Not Most Women, ha!

The main fabric is FunkiFabrics “Animal Magic” flexcite (it also comes in a red/orange colourway), paired with their fluorescent green matte lycra. If you want solid colours from Funki, I strongly recommend going for the matte varieties, because the non-matte ones are, well, Jane Fonda jazzercise levels of shiny! But the fabric is the same smooth, high quality stuff that the digital prints come on, and I’ve always been very pleased with how it stands up to repeated washings and mud fests – no fading or piling whatsoever.

For the hidden, inner pocket this time, I used a slightly stretched piece of lime zebra print FOE instead of just folding the hem over. I talk about this as a possible Variation in the pattern instructions, but be sure and remember to trim the hem allowance off if you go this route!

The only problem with having a busy print is that it’s harder to see those curving seams, but you can just about make them out around the side…

(Seen here with my teal merino Surf to Summit Top)

The second pair I’d like to show you today are a special pair I’d made specifically to run the Cambridge Half marathon a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d try and appeal directly to the boffins of Cambridge for extra cheers!

Here I used FunkiFabrics “Short Circuit” lycra in the green colourway (this also comes in pink or red versions). I have literally had this design on my Wish List for over 2 years now and I’m so glad I finally just went and bought it, because the not-so-hidden geek in me loves running in this! And for once I used the same fabric for the body and the yoke (and the inner pocket, too!), which means you can’t see the seam lines as well but you still get the same great fit.

Here I am pushing through the extremely long (1km+!) finishing chute!

But I must say, my ploy worked – I got so many shouts of “nice leggings!” the whole way round, both from spectators and other runners, which was nice. You can read my Cambridge Half marathon race report over on my running site if you’re interested in that side of things!

There was even free (alcohol-free) beer at the end, just like Berlin marathon!

If you fancy making up your own leggings for your next race (or just next weekend!), buy my pattern now!


I’m currently on a much-needed holiday – please keep in mind that, while I will be reading comments as they come in, I may not be able to respond until I am back home.

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