Bits & pieces

I haven’t got any finished projects or magazines to show you this week, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to catch you up on all the smaller things I’ve been up to that maybe wouldn’t be enough for their own post…

The New Sewing Room

I know it feels like it’s taking forever (and believe me, it does to me, too!) but my new sewing room in the front of the boat is nearly done, so I’ve been spending a lot of time getting that ready to move into.

Most recently, I’ve been cutting, piecing, gluing and now sanding the beeeeeeeeautiful smoked oak mosaic panel flooring into place, which, while both expensive and time consuming, is something that makes me happy every time I see it.

The final remaining step is to put a few coats of oil on the flooring and tack the edge trim down and I’m ready to move in! And yes, at roughly 2m x 2m, it’s still smaller than most American closets! Our boat is heowge, but this particular room will be small, and hidden away, but it will be mine.

Seamwork articles

I’ve been a big fan of Seamwork magazine and a subscriber since Day One, and loads of you have written to tell me how much you enjoyed my first article, A Guide to Activewear Fabrics.

This month’s current issue is all about sewing knits (I know, right) and I’ve actually got TWO articles in it!

A Guide to Coverstitch Machines is basically the article that I wish someone had written when I bought my machine, and combines all the little tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the (nearly) six years I’ve had my coverstitch machine. It also contains a handy buyer’s guide if you’re thinking about taking the plunge.

A Guide to Shopping for Knits is all about five focused questions to ask yourself when you’re in a fabric store, see an amazing fabric from across the store, and want to decide if it’s right for you (or your project). Very good advice, if I do say so myself – and mostly learnt the hard way over the years!

And if I wasn’t already knit-consumed at the moment already, then this Saturday’s Thiftystitcher Breton Tee class would certainly push me over the edge! This class is already sold out, but keep your eye on the site for future dates for it, my leggings class, or my panty class.

The next pattern

Truth be told, my pattern mojo has been stagnating for a little while. I have plenty of ideas, but I was just having a hard time refining the details in my head, and actually just starting. Since January, I’ve been working in an office Mon-Thur in order to finance a big boat renovation next year, so all my sewing business activities have been compressed into Fridays, weekends, and evenings, which makes it tough to maintain momentum.

But the good news is that I finally had a breakthrough last Friday – I got the first few drafts and muslins going, and I’m ready to do my first on-the-road test once my fabric arrives! The release is still a ways off, but it feels like I’m moving forward again.

You may also have noticed that I’m a sponsor of Indie Pattern month over at the Monthly Stitch this year, so if you enter their “New-to-Me” contest (starting 15 June), then you could win patterns from me and other great indie companies. Their Dresses contest is on now but you still have time to take part!

Next projects

I’ve sewn six of them, but somehow still don’t have a Great British Sewing Bee drapey dress in my own wardrobe, so I’ve bought some duck egg blue ponte from Truro Fabrics to finally make one I get to keep, yippee!

Truro Fabrics know how I feel!

I’ve also splurged and bought the most recent McCalls vintage gown (yes, they are expensive over here, especially with shipping!) and with the help of my style muse, I’ve settled on this brick red/orange silk satin (charmeuse) to make it up in. But I’m not telling you where it’s from until I buy my own yardage!

The McCalls blog street-style photoshoot of this gown really helped to show how it moves and looks in different positions, and I absolutely love it. I’ve even got an event coming up to wear such a gown to – the Argentina World Transplant Games gala dinner! I’ve got an end of August deadline to work towards, so it’s a good thing that some cheap lining fabric for a muslin is already ordered!

And breaking news – last night Orange Lingerie released a new bra pattern!! It took me less than a minute between the announcement and my buying it, and it’s printed off already…

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