Thank you all so much for your understanding, sympathy, kindness, and support while I’ve been ill. I know some of you expressed disbelief that I could still possibly be ill after all this time (10 weeks!) but welcome to post-transplant life! I’ve been thoroughly checked over by the hospital and several doctors and the working theory is that I really ran myself ragged getting the boat ready to move to our new moorings in late January, allowing a nasty bout of sinusitis to take over. Then I had EBV reactivation for a few weeks (effectively fighting off mono/glandular fever), then at least two more viruses, culminating with a delightful flu that’s going round my office which involves constant headaches concentrated near the ear/jaw. It’s been so much fun, let me tell you.

For a lot of that time, I couldn’t do much more than watch Netflix (9 days straight in bed meant I watched the entirety of Orange is the New Black), but then I had to go into work, and the new mooring meant that I either had a 1hr+ public transport commute at rush hour with no means to sit down (costing me £8/day too I might add), or a 40min cycle ride. I’ll let you in on a little secret – cycle commute is made out to be some super healthy, exercise choice, but seriously, a 15min walk took way more out of me than the 40min cycling on flat London roads with red lights every few minutes. It’s unbelievably stressful, but not strenuous in the slightest (even on the days where I was falling asleep at my desk I could get myself home). But I’ve got an entire post brewing on this subject for my Riverrunner site. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and plan, but not so much desire to write.

I did manage to sew a few things, and I’m aware I’ve got a big backlog of finished projects, including some from early January, plus the whole heap of Tessellate Tee samples, too. I think I’m just going to have to photograph some on my dressform just so I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the number of garments to document here, as modelling them all will take even longer. It’s only really been in the last few days that I’ve started to feel even the slightest bit better, and I managed to do a short, easy run today for the first time since January.

We’re off to the States for a family wedding this week, though, and I sewed up a lace dress to wear to that, so I’ll try and get some photos at the reception. I’ve written up reviews of the last two Burda magazines to share with you while I’m away, and I hope you’ll enjoy them even though they’re a little late. The problem with being away for any amount of time is that catching up requires double the workload, and I’m just one woman. Thank you for your patience, and lovely, lovely words of encouragement.


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