You're it!

No, we’re not back on the school playground, but you’ll now see tags all over FehrTrade. I’ve been wanting to add more flexible linking for a while now, so I installed this plugin for Textpattern so I can now add any number of tags to the end of each post, and you can see a cloud of all the tags on the left, under the Google Ads. And another new addition over there is the search box, which should be working now across all pages (but if you find a circumstance where if looks weird, please send me the URL as I probably just missed a template!). I spent quite a while going through all my old posts and tagging them appropriately, so I apologise if you suddenly get a bunch of old posts in your RSS feed reader (mine still seems to be fine though, so fingers crossed!).

Anyway, enough of this housekeeping nonsense, what of the sewing, eh? Well, I’m going full steam ahead on my Porsche dress, and I carefully cut our the pattern pieces last night, taking note of the best possible placement for all the pieces. It turns out that I’ve got lots of the duvet cover (and all of the pillowcase) leftover so James might get a shirt out of it yet, too. I wasn’t sure when I bought it whether the print was only on one side, but luckily both the cover and the pillowcase are double-sided prints, and the cover is folded at one side so I’ve got a pretty huge piece of fabric to work with! The pattern calls for some boning in the bodice seams, and since I ran out making my high waisted tuxedo trousers, I picked up a 5m roll of flexible coated boning while I was on eBay. The next step is to cut the lining out of one of Hendrik’s old hotel sheets, and then the fun can begin! I’m so excited about this dress, I have a feeling I might try and sew it up in one sitting if my schedule allows…

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