A Walking Advertisement

I was out all day Saturday hiking near Guildford with our monthly walking group, but a friend staying at ours said it snowed back in London. Ugh. It’s still too cold to wear either the silk blouse or the ikea skirt apart from their hurried photoshoots, so of course I’m sewing practical winter clothes to suit the weather…

Ha! Gotcha! No, I’m sewing a sleeveless, cotton halter-top dress, out of this vintage Porsche duvet I bought on eBay:

I left a friend’s birthday drinks early on Sunday so I could have some downtime in the evening (if I’m away all weekend, I just don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend at all and I get cranky), and I made great progress on the dress, finishing the bodice:

First reaction: Wow, I’m glad I took my time with the fabric placement! Second reaction: Wow, Susan (my dress form) looks stacked! This may turn out to be the Wonderbra of dresses…

It’s completely lined (with a plain white cotton bedsheet!), so I actually won’t need to wear a bra at all, which is great considering the open back, and I added lots of boning in the front midriff to match the boning in the back. I’ve just got to add the skirt pieces, the back zipper, and hem, but it may take a few evenings and mornings of accumulated sewing time to get that far. And I’m running out of hope that I’ll ever get to wear this before August at this rate! If you’ve got warm weather where you are, could you please send some our way? I should start a warmth fundraising appeal, as we Londoners are definitely in a warmth drought, situation critical!

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