A shirt, two dresses, and 10,000 meters

This past weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, so technically I got another day though it doesn’t really feel that way! I did manage to get some sewing in amongst the DIY, cleaning, baking, running, and hosting, however. I finally finished James’s linen shirt, and even made myself a new day dress from La Mia Boutique using some of his excess linen/tencel fabric and some raspberry tablecloths…

Unfortunately the weather was just dreadful all weekend so we’ll have to do our photo shoots some night this week!

I didn’t get as far as I wanted on the Prima dress, however, but I did cut out all my fabric pieces using this lovely pale blue linen/cotton weave instead of the vintage duvet cover I had originally planned (which, after careful inspection, had way too many stains to be usable and hence went on the muslin pile). It’s a really simple dress so I’m hoping I’ll be able to sew and press a few seams here and there in the snippets of time I find in my day…

I also had a chance to mend a pocket in one of James’ pairs of jeans (for the second time, argh) and make a top from an awkward “too long for a tunic yet too short for a dress” garment. I even got to play with my new twin stretch needle on its hem, proving that you really CAN teach an old sewing machine new tricks!

And thanks very much to everyone who enquired about yesterday’s 10k – I ran in a constant downpour and it felt like I was standing still with the constant stream of runners overtaking me on the entire route, but I managed to beat my personal best by a whopping two minutes and finished in 51:13!! I haven’t watched the BBC’s coverage yet, but you can see some photos over on our boat blog (and I’ve just found out I’ll be featured on the RNLI’s site in a few days, too!). Hopefully they’ll tweak the starting waves next year so we’ll get to run along those with similar finishing times, but I had a fantastic run despite that and especially despite the worst weather imaginable!

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