Bridesmaids' choice

The bridesmaids have chosen their dress design! The only parameters I gave them were that it had to be a knit dress (no way am I undergoing extensive fittings for them on top of my dress!), and they had to choose the same pattern. Luckily, both of them have similar body types so picking a pattern that suited them both was relatively easy!

So, drumroll….

I will be sewing up two versions of BWOF 09/08 #132, the Gant Exclusive Design dress:

I really loved this when this issue came out, and then Kristine made this in November in silk jersey with stunning results, and even gave some great pointers on getting the pleating exactly right, which should help, too.

So while I was at Goldhawk Road last weekend, I picked up a set of swatches of all of the colours of silk jersey that Classic Textiles carries (at £14/m, which is great, considering MacCulloch and Wallis sell it for twice that!)

So they’ll get to choose from these colours (I’m nixing black or white though), or if they don’t like these, I’m happy to let them choose a wool, cotton, or viscose jersey if they’d prefer. The dress is my gift to them, so I want them to be happy!

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