Marni silk blouse – muslin cold feet

In light of NancyK’s conclusion that KnipMode designer knockoffs aren’t as thoroughly tested as the rest of their patterns, I decided to make a muslin of the KnipMode August 09 Marni catwalk blouse before cutting into my nice teal silk satin (charmeuse).

Only now that I’ve got my bedsheet muslin done, I’m unsure about whether I like it or not. Now, you do have to use a bit of imagination here to block out the busy bedsheet prints (in reality, it’ll all be one solid teal colour, plus collar and cuffs):

Ignoring the frill, the base pattern is just a basic collared shirt pattern, albeit with lots of shaping darts and a concealed button placket. It’s far too long, which is easy enough to fix, but otherwise okay.

It’s the frill I’m not so sure about – is it going to be “too much” when done up in shiny satin? Is it too big and fussy? Or is it fabulous, and what sets this apart from any old blouse? I truly am torn, so if you could please leave a comment declaring it either fussy or fabulous, I’d greatly appreciate it.

While I’m deciding over the blouse, I’m finally breaking into the gorgeous lingerie kit Sigrid brought me last May(!!) and refining my last bra sewing efforts with a couple of tweaks (and brushing up on my skills with her awesome collection of lingerie sewing tutorials!) .

There’s a generous amount of fabric there, so I’m also making my TNT KnipMode thong panties, and fingers crossed squeezing a camisole out of there, too (a modified BurdaStyle Bambi?). Pattern Review have just started a lingerie contest (ending at Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate) so there’s lots of help and resource links in the contest thread if you fancy dipping your toes into sewing lingerie. It’s really not difficult or fiddly, and if you mess up, only you and your dearest will see anyway. And it’s seriously addictive fun!

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