Bridal Bodice Neckline – opinions needed!

I am very happy to report that my dress for the BurdaStyle book is completely, 100% finished, packed up in an airtight bag and ready to be FedExed this week. HOORAY!

I’m afraid that’s all you get to see until next year, though. Boo.

But it means I can now devote ALL of my sewing time to my wedding gown. So the first step is to attack the muslin. I’ve marked my waistline in green, and the possible boning positions in blue. Once I marked my waistline I realised exactly how short the bodice is so I’m elongating it all by an inch so the back and sides aren’t ending exactly at my waist. My waist is an inch higher than the standard measurements anyway so I think this alteration will help (note: I’m not short-waisted. My bust-hip measurement is standard, my waist is just shifted up a tad).

But I really, really need your help choosing the right neckline for this gown!!

Your three choices:

1. Very asymmetrical neckline (bonus points that it covers my scar)

2. Square neckline (I will actually use a T-square in the real deal)

3. slightly asymmetrical neckline (with the curve extending into an additional seam. though this is optional really.)

Please cast your vote in this poll (rather than the comments), though feel free to elaborate in the comments if you wish.

Which neckline is best?
Very asymmetrical
Slightly asymmetrical free polls

There’s one I slightly prefer, and one James slightly prefers, but we’re definitely open to opinions and comments.

And holy crap, I had no idea my shoulders were so uneven until I looked at these photos!! Wow, that’s an eye opener…

I’m off to attack dear Granny’s gown with the seam ripper until I hear back from you all… eek.

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