Pre-Christmas prep

Are you ready for some random sewing goodness? Let the randomosity begin!

  • When I was at the bookstore on Brick Lane buying James’s birthday card, I couldn’t resist this reusable wrapping paper (okay, it’s just fabric to me and you!) with London streetsigns. I love that it’s a London fabric without being OMG UNION JACKS THE QUEEN TOWER BRIDGE! I figure I could use it as a lining like I did with that Japanese tea towel and my bolero jacket a few years back…

  • We were supposed to meet up with Pip and her boyfriend two weeks ago to celebrate Christmas, but we had to reschedule due to my swine flu, so I’m only just now able to sew up her present – a Nairobi bag made up in gorgeously soft red wine leather, bought in NYC from Global Leathers (I find it interesting that Americans would call this colour “burgundy”, whereas in the UK it’d be “claret”). I’m about halfway done and already I can tell she’s going to love it!

  • I did take a small diversion from the leather sewing to quickly whip up Burda’s ubiquitous Sept 2010 turtleneck, in caramel-coloured bamboo jersey:

    It only took me about 20min to sew together on Saturday, but we didn’t quite stretch to a photoshoot, what with the long nights and inconvenient snow storms. You can look forward to a review and photoshoot in the coming week…

  • Then on Sunday I got tons of pant(ie)s cut out and ready to sew! I used up those awkward-sized knit scraps, and god knows I’ve got plenty of lingerie elastic right now… These are all using my favourite thong pattern from the Jan 08 KnipMode, though half of the pairs are pieced so the hip area is in a contrasting fabric or lace overlay:

    You should recognise most of these fabric leftovers, except the top left (which is the bamboo used in the Burda turtleneck you’ve not seen yet), and the green floral, which came in a scraps bag bought for £1 from the Sewing Chest (some of it was unusable swatches, but there were a few great panty-making fabrics in there, too!). Oh, and the purple is silk jersey leftover from Pip’s bridesmaid gown. Luxe!

  • A huge haul of pattern magazines arrived when I was sick (perfect timing!):

    I ordered three Patrones (296, 297, and 298) from Hos Hanne using some of the Google Adsense money you all earned me (thanks!!), then my January KnipMode turned up in the post, and then James’s parents came back from a holiday in Portugal with a summery Patrones (294 – inexplicably still on the newsstand there) and the December Burda, Portuguese edition. Unfortunately being in Portuguese didn’t improve this stinker of an issue! I’m getting a bit of magazine review fatigue, but I’ll try to review the January KnipMode (because it’s another amazing issue!) and my highlights from the Patronii next week.

  • I’ve got the week off work next week, so my plan is to tackle my winter coat, which I’ve decided will be a modified Patrones 285 #29 (I haven’t had a chance to Photoshop the tech drawing into what I’ve got in mind yet). I still need buttons and a lining for the coat, but with the haberdashery stores open during the day, I can run into town since I’m not at work.

And if I don’t speak to you all before Saturday, have a wonderful Christmas to all those who celebrate, and I hope everyone can fight the weather to be where you want to be and be surrounded by those you love.

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