Upcoming Fall 2011 sewing – the patterns

It’ll be no surprise to you that I’ve already started on my Fall sewing, since you’ve just heard all about my upcoming trench jacket, but I’ve been thinking about the rest of my Fall sewing ambitions over the last few weeks. Having August temperatures mostly in the 50sF (16-20C) meant that I was mentally ready for cooler weather a long time ago!

I’ve got the fabric for all (but two) of these already, too, so I’m sure to get through a lot of my stash this way, too… Though I did just buy some new fabric in order to make four of these, oops. More on the matching fabric later.

As with most of my plans, it’s likely that one or two might get left behind, but having all my ambitions in one nice, compact image makes it easier for me to decide what to work on next. Too many exciting patterns tends to make me lose focus!

But the above list isn’t all – I’m also sewing up two ultra-luxe maternity garments for a friend! And believe me, I’d only do this for a very good friend who knows the value of a specially sewn garment – she definitely does! We’ve got the patterns set, she’s buying the fabric this week, and we’ve got a play-date set this weekend to trace patterns and measure up for muslins. How fun!

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