Fall/Winter 2012 Sewing Shortlist

A lot of sewers like to “Sew with a Plan” (SWAP), but I prefer to call this a “Shortlist” rather than a “Plan”, so I’m free to still change my mind and add/remove items as I go along! My main goal here isn’t so much to create a capsule wardrobe that can be worn together, but more to use up fabrics and/or that have been in my stash for a while that I’d really like to just wear.

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From the top down, in no particular order:

  • KnipMode 12-2005 #10 – I’ve got some non-stretch denim aging in my stash from a few years ago, and I love KnipMode’s style lines for these. My wardrobe is in desperate need of more jeans, hence why there are two pairs in this Shortlist!
  • Altered Burda 06-2012 #129 – Now that my stretch satin from Gorgeous Fabrics is in hand, I can finally make the final version of this dress after completing the drafting and muslins back in July.
  • Vogue 1117 (Michael Kors) – I’ve been wanting to make this for a few seasons now, and I have plenty of non-stretch wovens which could become it, but I think a basic grey flannel would get the most wear, and double up for dressier work occasions, too.
  • Style Arc Marita – Ditto have some lush viscose jerseys that would be perfect for this, and winter knit dresses are just so comfortable paired with tights and boots! I bought this pattern this summer but decided to hold off until winter and make this my first Style Arc pattern.
  • Wiksten tankKollabora happily gifted me the pattern and the Mood jersey I picked out, and I’m likely to add some sleeves to this to make it more cold weather friendly.
  • Jalie 2908 Jeans – I’m already midway through making these using some stretch denim I bought in Paris earlier this year. I wear my NY-Lon jeans to death and they’re starting to fade and I want to have a replacement pair ready before they totally die!
  • Leather jacket, either Manequim 05-2011 #260 or Vogue 2973 (Montana) – I bought three gorgeous and supple navy blue skins in NYC two years ago to make a jacket, and I’d like this to be my big holiday project this year instead of another winter coat (which I’m in no need of this year)
  • My Image AW12 M1253 – I haven’t officially paired a fabric with this yet, but there are some stretch twills at Ditto I’ve got my eye on, but I need to sew down my stash a little bit first.
  • Burda 09-2012 #134 (Matthew Williamson) – I’ve had a heavyweight, dark plum duchesse satin in my stash for two years and I think this would be the perfect pairing for a classy little sheath dress.
  • Burda 10-2012 #134 – I’ve got two linens in my stash that would work nicely here for a little jacket to wear with any of the three sheath dresses on this plan. I love the vintage line of this coat and how it’d pair with an otherwise slim silhouette.

Has anyone made any of these that wants to offer any thumbs up or down?

Not included:

  • Burda projects for November and December (has anyone even cottoned on to what I’ve been doing yet? I’ve kept it on the down-low…)
  • Christmas gifts
  • More running gear
  • More lingerie

And to keep things interesting, I can reveal that I’ve made two of the above already (I put together the shortlist while in France on holiday). Anyone want to venture a guess which ones? No points for guessing if you already know from my tweets!

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