KnipMode November 2012

In my opinion, the Dutch pattern magazine KnipMode went way downhill with the appointment of the new(ish) editor and I stopped my subscription shortly after. But I couldn’t resist buying an issue at Schiphoil Airport when I found my flight home cancelled recently. I remember the subscription was more expensive than either Burda or Manequim, but I nearly choked when this rang up as €8 at the till!!

So let’s see if it’s worth it…

I’m a sucker for a designer collaboration, even if I haven’t heard of the design (who is Mart Visser, anyway?). The dress’s design lines are certainly interesting, and the coat isn’t bad, but I was definitely more excited by Burda’s recently Matthew Williamson pattern that’s for sure.

Some great skirts here! I particularly like the ruffled one, and the pencil skirt with the wrap-around back yoke. I’d forgotten how good KnipMode are at those sort of subtle seaming touches.

This knit dress is the “1 pattern 5 ways” for this issue, but god knows why they make them all in such garish prints – I’d love to see how that great tech drawing translates into the finish dress, but I can’t make it out through the prints!

KnipMode say this feature was 1960s themed, but the styling screams 1980s to me! In this set, the waist portion of the trousers intrigues me with that uneven seaming…

In the Plus section, I just love this duffle coat!

So, all in all, an okay issue, but it doesn’t make me regret cancelling my subscription. Like cookies, it appears that KnipMode is “a sometimes food”!

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