My Mexico travel wardrobe

I’ve made a few mentions of it over the past few weeks, but James and I are off on a grand holiday to Mexico at the end of September! We’ve been talking about going for years and we’re so excited to have finally booked everything. We decided on the Intrepid “Mexico Unplugged” trip since it stops everywhere we want to go, is a small group & eco company, and provides the perfect mix of taking care of booking hotels and transportation, but doesn’t tell us how to fill our days. Which will mostly be filled with eating and visiting ruins!

Anyway, as this is a different sort of holiday than the past few we’ve gone on, and I have a few weeks left to prepare, I thought I’d share with you the few pieces I’d like to sew before we leave…

As you can see, I’ve included lots of bottoms as those are what I’m most in need of right now after losing weight for my track race! My tops still fit reasonably well, though so I’m happy to just bring along ones I’ve already made to pair with them.

I’m hoping to sew:

(I’m cheating a bit by posting this after I’ve started sewing – two of these are done already!)

Plus if I can fit them in before I go, either of the two workout tops from my SS13 Sewing Ideas, or the jeans which I keep delaying

We’re not going in the hottest part of the year, but we are at the tail end of the rainy season, so I’m expecting it to be fairly humid. Plus, we got a lot of time on buses in between the different cities, so comfort is a consideration, as is the ability to avoid wrinkles, stains, and sweat marks (eww).

I’ve got another trick up my sleeve to share in a bit, too. I was researching money belts online as I’m not entirely comfortable leaving my passports and spare cards in middle-of-the-range hotels, but all the belts looked rough and uncomfortable. So I’ve drafted up a “travel pocket” in place of a money belt – a pattern & tutorial will follow as soon as I can digitise it, but that might not be til after we leave!

Has anyone been to the same areas of Mexico that we’re going to? Any tips to share?

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