Nearly there…

Remember that velvet pirate jacket I was working on, ooh, two years ago? Well, as much as I hate that thing and all of the fabric choices associated with it, I have been slogging through and doing a few things to it here and there over the past few months.

But announcing our boatwarming pirate pirate for next Saturday has really stepped up the pressure and made me knuckle down and make some serious progress on it. Now I’ve only got about an hour’s worth of hemming left (after putting in 2.5 hours on that hem already – it’s much wider than it looks!) before it’s FINISHED FOREVER. It’s nice timing that Pattern Review are running an Unfinished Object contest right now, too. Frankly, I’ll be so happy when this is finished that it’ll be a prize in itself… I’ll go into more detailed with the full pirate costumes next week, but until then, have a look at the Cthulu I found on the back of the jacket!

Disappointingly, it looks as though my interview has been cut from the New York times IKEA hacks article today, though at least I’m the first photo in the online slideshow, which is a consolation of sorts!

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