Burda magazine May 2015

Thanks so much for your congratulations on my London marathon race this weekend! My legs are amazingly feeling pretty much back to normal already, though I still need quite a bit of recovery time “under the hood”. In all the excitement (and a fair bit of “post-marathon brain”), I completely forgot to congratulate some other fierce and fantastic women who ran it, too!

With a fair amount of resting time ahead of me in the next two weeks (before I run a half marathon, then cycle our first sportive, then run a 10km on successive weekends. No joke!), I’m hoping to get some quality sewing time in. But I’m not seeing much to inspire me in the latest Burda edition…

I’m really getting tired of Burda’s recent ruffle fixation, but I actually don’t hate this ruffled coat, which is surprising. Maybe it’s that it reminds me of the Lolita Patterns Spearmint coat, or maybe it just seems a bit more well thought out than just randomly slapping ruffles onto an unsuspecting garment…

On first glance, this seems like a dress pattern we’ve seen a thousand times before, but the overall body shape is closer to a cocoon-shape than I’ve seen in a dress before. And the pleated neckline creates a bit of interest (and could conceal a big meal, hahah).

I can’t really see myself wearing this shirt, but I love that they’ve placed a very vintage detail like the jabot and created a look that is unambiguously fresh and modern. I have a feeling this might be a pattern that grows on me and I eventually come back to sew 6 months from now.

Look past the horrible, sheer fabric and this is probably the pattern I’m most likely to make from this issue. It’s essentially a woven tee with colourblocking opportunities on that yoke, and you can adjust the front keyhole (or switch to the back) instead, too.

Oh. My. God. You know how we sewists complain when companies sew up their samples in prints so busy that you can’t see any of the pattern details? Well Burda have well and truly outdone themselves on this one – they chose a print so busy they couldn’t even tell when they pasted a smaller top on top of the bigger one (and it was ugly to begin with anyway!)

There’s a designer pattern in this issue, from the Odeeh brand (nope, never heard of them) – a boxy tunic and pleated trousers that look nice enough, though not particularly anything to set off fireworks.

The Plus patterns are surprisingly pretty nice this time around – the shirtdress on the left could be made even better with the addition of a belt, and the tee on the right is offered in a few different lengths (and has the trendier sleeve cut closer to the CF).

More great dresses for Plus sizes! The dress on the left with gathered shoulders is such a nice, classic design, and the knit dress on the right (in several hem lengths) would be flattering and comfortable for so many different shapes.

And finally, I hardly ever care about the kids patterns, but I’m of the age where friends are having babies and I occasionally like to whip up a present and get rid of some jersey scraps at the same time. So these knit baby clothes for both sexes may very well come in handy…

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