Burda magazine June 2015

Yawwwwwwwwwn. Another lacklustre issue – what is up with the design team at Burda HQ recently? I know they’re capable of amazing, fashion-forward and flattering designs, because they break out of these ruts every now and then and just wow us with a consistent 6 months or so of designs.

I mean, this time last year I was praising them for a consistently amazing few months of issues, the pinnacle of which was the amazing Japanese-design feature. Maybe I should just go back to my spring 2014 issues instead until the tide rolls back into a more favourable patch…

I really want to like this blouse with its asymmetric collar, but it just feels like they’ve tried to add too many incongruous details into one garment. Skewed collar! Neck ties! Boxy shape! Asymmetric taped sleeve! Any one or two of these together would be fine, but all of them and it just feels unfocused and busy.

I’m officially on Team Jumpsuit and I like the look of this one on the model, but this is a Tall size pattern, with extra elongated body lengths, so I think this on top of jumpsuits being elongated anyway means that it’d be a tricky one for me to fit. And I’m not convinced I need more than one summery jumpsuit in my wardrobe right now!

This sheath dress is just fantastic – it’s simple, but it’s shown several times in the magazine, both partially colourblocked (as it is here), but also all in one fabric, and again with three separate coloured fabrics. The seams all flow together nicely at the sides, and there’s an option for shoulder ties, too. This could be a great basic pattern for adding further design elements (cough Pattern Magic cough), too.

I feel like a broken record here, but not all open backed dresses are practical or flattering. I like the curved seaming on the skirt, but the upper back is just too open, and the top is only held together with a single hook and eye. Again, the La Maison Victor open backed dress from last Winter is far superior (and you can wear a bra with that one).

And the ugly combo award for this issue goes to… The ugly muu muu dress & equally ugly popped collar bomber jacket (bomber pattern number 754353 from Burda, ugghgh). Come and collect your awards!


Honestly, why?? Who would ever-?? Good god, who signed off on these?

err, clown blouse? This might have been ok in a soft fabric (might), but in a poplin?? It just makes those horrible 1970s bell sleeves look like the big tent.

There was nothing notable in the Plus section, but I did enjoy the extended feature on natural dyes. It seems to compliment the natural dyeing article Seamwork had in their latest issue… I like the idea of dyeing (especially for lingerie), but I’ve been wary to buy all sorts of chemicals for it!

What did you think of this issue? Am I off base? Care to nominate your favourite issue from the last few years for me to revisit for inspiration instead??

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