Manequim magazine June 2015

We experienced a bit of Brazilian heat here in London last week, but I’m happy to report that it didn’t stop me from moving into my new sewing room. Hefting furniture and hauling boxes wasn’t fun when dripping with sweat, but I’m about 80% moved in and I’ll of course give you all a tour once I’m done. Even without my machines hooked up and with some temporary lighting, the space just makes me happy just being inside.

But for now, let’s try and cool off with some thoughts of a Brazilian winter…

First up is this leather pencil skirt, which really reminds me of my grey one I made a few years back, though it’s sadly now too big. And this one’s sized far too small!

These may not seem like much, but a nice, basic trouser pattern in the full standard size range is an absolute goldmine! I get asked over and over (and over!) again what I do when a pattern I love isn’t in my size, and basic patterns like this are great for transferring interesting details from ones that are too-big or too-small. Just take the pleat, or panel, or pocket, or seamline you love and transfer it onto a basic version in your size…

From the same “black and white” feature, we get a pattern for this asymmetric, faux-wrap skirt, which is really striking with the colourblocking, but I think would also be great in an all-over tweed with a leather buckle detail.

Like the multisize trousers, this basic woven shift dress could be really useful for adapting other, fancier patterns that aren’t in your size (it also looks similar to the orange dress hack in the 3rd GBSB book)

Ooh men’s patterns! I can’t actually recall another time in the past 3-4 years I’ve been subscribing that they’d offered patterns for men! It’s only this pea coat and a pair of basic trousers, but still! Also, this ladies long faux fur coat looks like it’d be useful, though potentially too hot for Brazil…

This piped, short jacket is utterly lovely, and I’m intrigued by the cross back shown only in the tech drawing, too.

I’ve seen this silhouette everywhere for the past few years, but this is a nice take on the casual, silk trouser.

At first glance, this looks like any old wrap dress, but look closer and you can see some great, asymmetric seaming going on here.

There are only the usual three Plus patterns this month, but the short culottes are very on trend, and the playsuit is really cute, too.

Only one more issue of Manequim to go before I’m (eep!) in Brazil myself, though only barely over the border and just for one day. But still!! (Iguazu Falls side trip after competing in the World Transplant Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina)

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