Manequim magazine July 2015

Hola from South America! No, I’m not in Brazil (yet – I’ll be just over the border one day next week), but in neighbouring Argentina, where I’ve just become World Champion at the 5km road race here at the World Transplant Games. omg! While that sinks in, let’s have a look through the July Manequim…

Here’s a better look at the cover outfit, but with pattern details this time. I’m not fully sold on crop tops for myself, but I like the idea of the stretchy striped midi pencil skirt and the two pair together really well.

The patterns aren’t particularly special, but I just love the digitally printed fabric they used to make the shirt, with its sheer sleeves, and the banded, full skirt.

Ooh, I just love the starburst hip seaming on this midi skirt and the deep slit really gives it some added drama. That it’s in my size is just a bonus, really.

…and a, err, here’s a pencil skirt with starburst seaming and deep slit. Guess it was a good enough idea to do twice?

Here are the Plus patterns this month – IMHO a really nice collection with the faux leather leggings, basic button-down shirt, a wrap dress, and a banded dress.

I thought perhaps this would be the final Manequim I’d have to show you before I’m there myself (ready to scour the newsstands for any pattern magazines!) but no – August’s issue arrived just before I left so you’ll be seeing that later this week, too.

And yeah, World Champion WHAT?!? Best way to keep updated on the rest of my events (Friday & Saturday) is to follow @fehrtrade on Twitter or Instagram…

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