Manequim magazine September 2015

This Manequim magazine arrived a few weeks ago but got a little buried under the others in my magazine pile, to be honest. There are a few interesting patterns in it, but nothing that particularly screams “Make me!”, though some of that may be just seeing lots of shorts when we’re thinking about winter in this part of the world.

I’m digging the Frida Kahlo-influenced cover though!

In the celebrity style section I was drawn to the surplice-back shirt – it’s a look I’ve seen a fair amount of in RTW this year, but not very many patterns have used this detail (apart from the other view in the Sew Simple pattern I sewed recently, of course)

There’s only one page of Plus patterns this month, but you get a shift dress, some basic shorts, and panelled skirt that is so similar to Muse Patterns Tahi Skirt pattern!

I’m not sure I quite understand the point of a “blazer cape” hybrid, but the double exposure photo is cool I guess?

Judging from the tech drawing, these shorts seem to have some really nice details, both back and front, so it’s a real shame we can’t see much of them in the photo.

The blouse on the left has some nice tulip sleeves – if you’re looking to make something similar, I saw there’s a tutorial to draft these in the November Seamwork magazine, which you could then just graft onto any old blouse pattern. The wrap skirt on the right is nice, too, and reminds me of Tilly’s Miette skirt pattern.

In the section highlighting current catwalk trends, I rather like this dress with its interesting bodice seaming, and further down, a “bodysuit” that is clearly a swimsuit in my eyes. But seriously, where is the line, anyway?? Is it only the snap-crotch that makes it one versus the other, or is it the fabric used? (This one’s designer has “beach” in the name, so there’s zero question in my mind!)

Where do you weigh in on the swimsuit vs bodysuit issue? And is it ever okay to wear a swimsuit as casualwear (with a skirt, trousers, or skirt overtop, obviously!)?

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